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Posted by Matt Wilson

Two things:

1) I have linked to a book that might be interesting to someday discuss. If someone has read it and would like to comment, I would be interested to hear some thoughts on it.

2) I thought it would be interesting to post some quotes and see what discussion comes from it (the quotes were found on a Google search and this blog).

“We will not hearken to those questions which gender strife, nor discuss them at all. If a person says such is his private opinion, let him have it as his private opinion; but lay no stress upon it; and if it be a wrong private opinion, it will die a natural death much sooner than if you attempt to kill it.” -Alexander Campbell-

“I have tried the pharisaic plan, and the monastic. I was once so straight, that, like the Indian’s tree, I leaned a little the other way. And however much I may be slandered now as seeking “popularity” or a popular course, I have to rejoice that to my own satisfaction, as well as to others, I proved that truth, and not popularity, was my object; for I was once so strict a Separatist that I would neither pray nor sing praises with any one who was not as perfect as I supposed myself. In this most unpopular course I persisted until I discovered the mistake, and saw that on the principle embraced in my conduct, there never could be a congregation or church upon the earth.” -Alexander Campbell-

I think these quotes bring to light a few things worth discussing especially with these quotes coming from one of the great thinkers and shapers of this movement. Also, how do these quotes change or come into light from a Post-Restorationist perspective?


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That second quote will preach, won't it? (the first one packs a punch too...and echoes Gamaliel in the book of Acts). There are reasons why many on the extreme right of our fellowship are so ahistorical. Our early leaders would challenge much of our practice.

March 17, 2009 at 8:46 AM

I was named Thomas Campbell, but as my mother now says, He and Alexander were close but they will not make it. Really, she says that.

I feel like I have lived that second quote

March 17, 2009 at 11:20 AM

I just want to say that I am really enjoying this blog. I was raised in a small, rural Tennessee congregation that could probably best be described as being more of a 19th century CoC than a 20th century CoC if one were using Richard T. Hughes terminology. Disciples' Fellowship was the first non CoC community I fellowshiped with (hence, I know Tyler the Priest). Since moving to Columbus, my wife and I are part of no particular "church." Rather our church is made up of the friends and community we surround ourselves with. At the age of 15, I preached my first sermon in front of our little congregation. I spoke about the key flaws of various denominational doctrines and why those who believed in these doctrines would surely not be saved since they were dead wrong. And that it was good that those of us in that auditorium believed the "truth", for we would surely be saved. And such a pity that all those other people in those denominations would not listen to the "truth", for they had been deceived by Satan. As I look back, it seems as though a different person spoke those words. What would that 15 year old boy had told this 28 year old man who doesn't even "go to church" on Sunday mornings?

March 17, 2009 at 10:11 PM

I think Campbell is astonished to see what he "descendants" have done to his work of calling for unity not uniformity. At age 21 Alexander Campbell walked away from the Old Light Anti-burgher Seceder Presbyterian Church. He droped the communion token that he had obtained by knowing all the "right answers" and simply walked away from that terribly sectarian group (did you notice the divisions in their name?). Many current churches of Christ need to apoligize to those good old light, anti-burgher, seceder Presbyterians - for we have more fights going on that they ever dreamed. For all those who are confused about it - when Paul said to fight the good fight of faith he was not talking about opening fire in the mess hall of Christiainty - he was talking about the fight against Satan and the evil he engenders in the world. If we were serious about fighting Satan we would welcome all fellow soldiers - preferring to have their help than to judge their commitment to the general. Maybe we have so much time to fight because we are too scared to get in the world and tangle with Satan?

March 19, 2009 at 8:47 AM

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